That Fucking Obama is Just Like Me!

That Fucking Obama is Just Like Me!

Jan 11
That Fucking Obama is Just Like Me!

Remember me?  I created this site?  I got busy for a while.   Ok, I got busy for two years, but I came back and everything was just how I left it.  None of my articles threw parties or ransacked the place.  They were good little articles.   More importantly however, none of them needed any updating!  I was so fucking on the mark that everything I wrote about two years ago still rings true today!  Well, except for one article, but I’ll update that when I can.  Just let it be a lesson to you that some of us know how to own up to our mistakes and move on.  You can take a fine example from me.  However, I digress.  The point is, I’m back, so you can call off the police searches.  I know you all missed me terribly.

I’ll admit, I used to be an Obama supporter.  I thought he’d be good for the country.  Then, he did what every other president that’s ever been elected to the White House ever did and started getting all secretive and making stupid decisions against the public’s will all in the name of national security because us poor citizens just don’t know any better and don’t have access to the same information.  Maybe if he, I don’t know, fucking released the information to the public we could all make a decision together like I hear they sometimes do in Democracies.  Anyway, I digress again.  Man, I’m on a tangent roll today.

That little anecdote was provided just to show you that I don’t take sides in the whole “Obama’s our savior/Obama’s the anti-christ” argument.  Obama’s a person, and sometimes he does stupid shit like the rest of us.  But this article isn’t about Obama doing stupid shit.  It’s about you idiots doing stupid shit like posting this dribble on your Facebook walls:


The Stupidity:

Stupid Dailymail article about Obama

All this hype about the frigging cost of a flight from Hawaii?  WTF?  Last I checked, the public debt was 17 trillion dollars.  Why the fuck do we give a shit about the petty fuel and personnel cost required to take Michelle back from Hawaii?  Oh right, we need to tack on the cost of the secret service escorts and SWAT protection that the president and first lady get everywhere they go.  That makes sense.  Because if she weren’t in Hawaii, we’d totally leave her unguarded and vulnerable.

First of all, I don’t doubt for a second that Obama used the Treasury to pay for that flight back.  You know why?   Because every single fucking person I’ve ever met in my life who runs a business does this shit!  You assholes all do it on a personal level too.  How many personal items did you write off last year as business expenses on your income taxes you fucking hypocrite?

Businesses are allowed to write off any purchases, meals, travel or other expenses that relate to their work in some way, shape or form as a business expense, meaning they don’t have to pay out of their own pocket or pay taxes on the money they use to purchase those things.  As any good accountant will tell you, the rule of thumb with writing stuff off is that any mere mention of anything relating to business on any trip qualifies as a “business trip” because it’s all fucking semantics and no IRS agent is going to sit there and argue with you about the fine line between business and personal trips.  Michelle probably had to attend to some inkling of business dealings over there in Hawaii during her extension, and BAM!  Instant business expense.  It’s just an inherent part of the system and every single one of you abuses it, but when the president does it, he’s an asshole.

Not to mention, extending the gripe to the secret service and protection assigned to the first lady is just stupid.  If my status as first lady (and my dream is to someday be first lady, so this hits close to home for me) put me at risk for assassination, you better fucking believe I’m not gonna pay for that shit!  That’s a job liability that I’m not prepared to foot the bill for.  Why should I be expected to pay my own money because you assholes hate Obama so much that some of you would try to kill his wife?  It’s your own fault that some people believe Obama to be the frigging scum of the earth that you make him out to be, you pretentious pricks.  Calm the fuck down.   It’s not that bad.  You’ll get your chance to win at the next election, but you’ll probably fuck that up too because you’re too lazy to vote.

If your friend was a business owner and they pulled something like this, you’d give them a proud pat on the back, but when the president does it it’s a national tragedy?  Give me a break.  The U.S. is a business, so why should the leader of the free world be expected to run his business differently than the rest of us?  Why do we hold the president to such a higher standard of morality than we do ourselves?  Oh right, because you don’t fucking like Obama because your parents and friends don’t like Obama, and you decided it’s easier to take all of your opinions about politics conveniently spoon-fed to you by right-wing news organizations.  Got it!


Stupidity Aside:

Hey, stupid.  Every ex-president and first lady ever gets the same fucking secret service escorts everywhere they go (previously for 10 years, however just recently, the Former President Protection Act of 2012 extends that protection to a life-long one), and guess who foots the bill.  That’s right, we do.  If George Fucking Washington and Martha were still alive today, we’d still pay for their security detail.  What makes Michelle an exception to that rule, especially considering she’s the frigging current first lady!  Do you people at Dailymail even think when you write this shit?

Look, I get it.  You don’t like the president.  That’s fine.  You’re entitled to your dumb-ass uninformed opinions about the person that most of this country elected to sit in that chair.  Twice.  But come on.  Gripe about real shit.  Gripe about his decisions concerning Benghazi or about his avoidance of the NSA spying accusations.  Or better yet, maybe a british news organization would fare better griping about shit that goes on in Europe and leave us the fuck alone.  I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to pay out of his own pocket because his wife just wanted to go on a fucking birthday trip.  You’d pull the same shit if you knew you could get away with it.

That’s another thing with you assholes.  You’ll take vacation time any chance you get, yet when the president does it he’s a slacker, and you’re so angry you can’t refrain from posting that garbage all over your Facebook walls either to show what a disgusting prick the president is because he’s taking some time off.  Seriously?  What job have you ever had that you never got a day off from?  Fucking stop berating the president because he’s just like you.




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